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Thank you for joining Niya in celebrating World Doll Day!

Please enjoy our Paper Doll as our gift to you!

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Paper Doll

Exclusively at Walmart

Niya we are friends

Niyakids Presents We Are Friends, Full Color Picture Book, Kids Ages 3-7,Interactive, Engaging, Inclusive, Fun. Culturally Diverse. How do we talk to our children about race?
About seeing the humanity in all people?

We Are Friends will help kids understand that being different is 'cool' and 'special' and just because someone doesn't look like you, think like you or act like you, doesn't make them 'weird' or 'bad.

Niya we are friends
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Exclusively at Walmart

I AM ENUF. What more needs to be said when you wear this Bold, Cool, Solid Black Crew-Neck Tee! Soft Cotton material that provides all-day comfort with Red and White Empowerment design.100% Cotton. Unisex Tee up to 3X. Double-stitch short-sleeve and hem. Crew-neck. I AM ENUF Red and White Empowerment Design.

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