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I AM ENUF© is a movement that celebrates individual uniqueness. Its mission is to empower people to embrace their innate beauty and awaken to who they really are and declare that I AM ENUF! © The road to self-discovery and self-acceptance is process. Self-love is sometimes hard to get to because it is buried in the baggage of our past.

Where you ever teased, bullied or called names? Have you ever felt less than because you didn’t look like, talk like or act like everyone else; and felt horrible because you didn’t fit in? Did you ever feel like you were not ‘good enough’ because of something that happened to you or something you did? How did you overcome your low self-worth? Negative body image? Toxic Thinking? We want to hear your story! Connect with us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Share your I AM ENUF© video on YouTube.

Let’s start a revolution!

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